Anonymous asked:

Hi! I am applying to go to Spain next year with AFS, and i just have a quick question for you. When you applied for your student visa, did you have to go to the nearest Spanish Embassy consulate and apply in person? Or were you able to receive everything through mail?

Ok, so I think pretty much everyone had to go to their consulate in person to apply, and for some of them you had to go in person to pick it up as well. However, I did it by mail. You see there were some mix ups at the chicago consulate, one website said you needed a federal background check, the other just from the state. Federal background checks take a really long time and they didntpost it till June or something like that. So AFS worked out a special deal where we sent our papers to them and then they sent a representative to apply for everyone in the chicago consulate area and then they just gave us our passports at the airport in new york. But, I think that was just a one time thing so you’ll probably have to go in person.