Anonymous asked:

dear jenny.
i would like to know...WHAT YOU DID TODAY.
and if you wont tell me, or if you are being vague, i will proceed to tell you everything that i did today.
i miss you.
la verdad.

CATHLIN!! you sent me this a long time ago but I haven’t had time to write about it. I’m not going to tell you about today, but i have to start with yesterday. I am going to make this overly detailed because I know you love it. 

9:00 woke up in Guadalajara. Ate some Miel Pops and watched some anime show with spanish dub and hung around with Hector and Maria, the kids of the family I was staying with.

11:00 started packing my suitcase which is always such a feat for me haha. Luckily I didn’t buy all that much in Madrid. I did buy a book called 3 metros sobre el sielo, its fluffy but good and not too hard to read in Spanish.

12:30 said goodbye to Maria and Hector. Antonio took me to Barajas. I got there around 1 even though my flight wasn’t till 3. I then started to freak out a little because the signs said my flight was delayed till 4:50 which would mean i might not make my bus to Berga. Later though the revised it to 3:50 so it would be close but I could do it. 

17:00 got in to Barcelona, took the shuttle to Plaça Catalunya, then metro to the major bus station and got my bus to Berga at 7.

21:00 got in to Berga. Walked to the apartment of the friends of my host parents that I’m staying with for the week. Ate dinner and talked to them a lot, organized my stuff a little. I then went to get dressed to go to a disco but a had a new super fun problem. So i left a big suitcase in Berga and just took a backpack to Madrid. But the suitcase is my host sisters and some how the combination got turned and I didn’t know what it was! so I ended up being a little under dressed for the disco.

22:30 walked to the taxi stand (because thats where everyone meets for everything) and found my friends and the bus they had chartered to take us and like 20 other kids from school to a disco 2 hours away.

1:00 got to the disco, its called Big Ben. It was pretty much just like every other but very large. There were a few rooms, reggaeton, salsa, house, techno. It was really fun! just dancing and hanging out with people from school and some other random people as well. 

5:00 left the disco, got back to the bus.

7:00 got back to berga, walked back to the apartment and collapsed in to bed. 

13:30 woke up thinking it was like 11, checked my phone and was kind of horrified, but it was really fine. 

14:00 helped the mother of the family cook lunch. Pasta, roast chicken, and salad. chocolate crepes for desert. Then took a shower, unpacked, did some homework and now I’m writing to you!