how does it feel, how does it feel to be on your own with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone?

I don’t know when I’m going to have time to write a real post again. Probably January. I feel like I need to let friends and family know why I’m about to just drop off a cliff technology wise. My host family is going to India from december 3rd till january 6th so I’m kind of just doing my own thing for a while (all AFS approved of course). I feel like it shouldn’t be that weird to be gone for a month, after all I’m not really home, but it feels like home and its going to be weird to not go to La Nou for so long. I’m nervous about being alone for so long and traveling alone so much but I’m also just really excited. I’m so happy I get this opportunity to visit friends of mine who were exchange students and see more of europe. I feel like this is kind of test for myself. If I can do this. If I can travel so much and just live and take care of myself completely alone in Europe, I can do anything. I’m sure it will work. So anyway, plans for the next month:

December 2-11: Madrid and Guadalajara I’m really excited to see what ‘real’ Spain is like versus Catalonia. I’m excited to see where my Spanish really stands because people here say its really good, but people here speak Catalan first and foremost.

December 12-17: Berga I’m staying with a family friend and will go to school for the last week plus just try to breath for a week before I leave again.

December 17-19: Barcelona/Girona Staying in the city, going to an AFS Christmas activity then taking a train to Girona to hangout with my host cousin and may or may not sleep before my early flight out of Girona on the 19th.

December 19-28: Strasbourg, France Flying in to Germany, bus to Strasbourg. Staying with a really good friend who was an exchange student in Ann Arbor two years ago. I’ve always heard about how beautiful Strasbourg is and I can’t wait to see it. I’m also excited to see the mix of French and German christmas they have there, should be interesting!

December 29-January 3: Herrsching, Germany A kind of resort town outside Munich. Staying with another good friend who was an exchange student in Ann Arbor. She keeps warning me it will be very cold.

January 3-9: Barcelona My host family comes back the 6th but before that I’ll be in Barcelona a bit staying with friends. Hopefully relaxing some and going to the Dali museum because its killing me that I haven’t been yet. Plus, my birthday on the 8th.

France for Christmas, Germany for New Years, Barcelona for my 18th Birthday

sounds like a plan.